Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hi, Can I have a coffee asked an old gentlemen in Victorian era clothes. It's a teribble night isn't it .
Yes , it was Friday the 13th . A day that brought fear in all of the town . And for no apparent reason. But the town elders always insisted on it being the darkest of all days . And the argument that it wouldn't be dark if you let the light in and try getting out of the house for a change didn't work. It's dark because "I say it is dark" . It was hard to argue on that .
The Gentlement was about fifty . He needed a bath . And he spoke what seemed like English .
He seemed alien but still somehow he seemed to belong . "People normally don't seem to open the doors around here ."
"Yes , they insist that you should close the doors amd windows on this day."
And then he told me a story that seemed impossible .
But it left a deep impression .
That night I couldn't sleep , If I meet my great-great-great grandson after death would he think I had bad breath too.

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