Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hi, Can I have a coffee asked an old gentlemen in Victorian era clothes. It's a teribble night isn't it .
Yes , it was Friday the 13th . A day that brought fear in all of the town . And for no apparent reason. But the town elders always insisted on it being the darkest of all days . And the argument that it wouldn't be dark if you let the light in and try getting out of the house for a change didn't work. It's dark because "I say it is dark" . It was hard to argue on that .
The Gentlement was about fifty . He needed a bath . And he spoke what seemed like English .
He seemed alien but still somehow he seemed to belong . "People normally don't seem to open the doors around here ."
"Yes , they insist that you should close the doors amd windows on this day."
And then he told me a story that seemed impossible .
But it left a deep impression .
That night I couldn't sleep , If I meet my great-great-great grandson after death would he think I had bad breath too.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

As Magan and I were discussing the state of global warming and the need for humans to get in touch with their wild side over our decaf , war free , naturally processed, ethiopian coffee and low carb , Vietnamese sandwich which our generous Latin American cook had made for us ,we saw a news flash about this Amazonian tribe .
Oh!, such beautiful houses, they had thatched roofs that offered no protection from whether . The men hunted for their own food with these beautiful arched bows and these straight pointed at the end , arrows . They had fire and food. Each night men told stories of how their bums were injured by hyenas' horns and women would fight over how difficult it was to cook food without proper stoves and ventilation. Every now and then kids were eaten up by tigers who were more than happy to roam around their settlements . Mothers were too busy cursing the man who discovered fire and wondered who had decided that cooked food was the in thing to take notice that two of her children were missing and with the blue paint meant for children all of them looked the same any ways .
Magan and I decided that we should go and have a look at them and their anarcho-utopian lifestyle untouched by this consumero-fascist society.
Three months have passed since these nice people had assimilated us into there group . Every night the boys take Magan to have a look around the jungle after which she seems exhausted , while I am rolled over a fire every night . I think it is some sort of a ritual for new people. After this rolling ritual the chief of the tribe touches me and says something that sounds like 'still rare'. There was a chopper over our settlement this morning. Magan and I have been cleaning up the place . We expect the Mr. and Mrs. Spencer to arrive next month.

This post is part of chasing frames . Other posts on similar lines by Supreet and Kaa

Monday, June 02, 2008

Laughter,anger ,tears the very emotions that make us human are so simply taken hostage by people . In a world i which the line between real and fake becomes narrower and hardly recognizable . You don't understand which moments were yours and which one merely creaked to go into the scrapbook of a cold heartless person so that he could have pretty picture to show to his Grandson's date . Maybe the only thing worse than not having a life is probably having one , just not one of your own. Are we player's of a story scripted by some one else . How heartlessly we write a play for other to play out . Not knowing that someone out of the blue may come and say the joke's on you mate .
It was the Christmas morning my friends came to me and asked if I would like to be part of a little Joke .
A Joke, what kind? I asked .
May be it was the way I was brought up , that it was very difficult for me to pacify the child in me .Gay curious and gullible .
"We have to fool an old of hers", she said.
"He is new in town ."
No harm , in telling who's the boss around here I thought.
"What's the plan ?"
"You throw a party in his honour , you know you are famous around here and all." "He would feel important ."
"You cosy up to and boom at the end you shatter his dreams in a second ? And we have perfect reminder of our little conquest ."
Seems simple enough I thought. The excitement was overwheling me . So much to do , I thought the adrenaline started pumping.
I planned out the party , every single detail .
I knew when the moment of the crash would come and when we shall savour our success.
The party was a success . I came up to the guy.
He was so gullible , I thought .
In seconds he was swooning , all over me. I so good at this I thought and then I asked him to dance . He was not much of a dancer . I tried to teach him .
Oh , poor thing , I should have thought , but in my madness to make headlines in a cold , heartless and stylishly perfect flick of the wrist , I threw a glass of beer on him. I thought I would make headlines and be part of the gossip in the town the next day but not in this manner . The joke was on me . At the end everyone got a story to tell next Christmas except me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top five reasons why 'Ignorance is bliss'
You know how many people die everyday . How about Buddhist views on afterlife . You know the president of Peru . How about how many people have been imprisoned for life or given death because their views differed from established order . If you don't ,I am sure you are a happy . Here's why?
1. Look to the person on your left ,look at the person on your right . Now ask yourself - Are they smarter than my dog . In a world where most people are as intelligent as your dog ,do you think they will understand wisdom . If not , why are you trying to be wise . Ignorant people are happy because they can make friends , have better relationships and be admired by people around them.

2.Rank the following in terms of smartness . President Bush , Britney Spears , Your Dog . In a world where success is based upon the kind of hair products you use or how many cities you bomb
it is folly to be wise . Ignorance makes you successful. Front page on New York Times is at stake.

3. Do you know how many weapons are sold everyday . How many people are killed in Gun battles . The no. of nuclear bombs. Any day the president of U.S might want to incinerate the people of developing nations just for fun and nobody will question. You know what could happen if our P.M were to make some bad decisions . Do you think all these people are smarter than your dog . Ignorant people are happy because they don't know how much power other ignorant people have .Ignorance makes you feel safe.
4. We have political freedom in our country Yes! But it is not allowed by constitution to speak ,write etc. against your country . Do you think you would follow all the stupid laws our lawmakers make if you were wiser . Ignorance is bliss because it keeps you ignorant about life in jails .
5. Who won World war2 ,the allies, really? Weren't these guys supporting freedom and democracy . And they used a nuclear bomb to kill civilians even though the war had almost ended. Ignorance is bliss because it helps you to find a right where everything is wrong .It helps you in taking decisions.

If you reached here ,you really need to read the article again. Concentrate on the parts where I say 'Ignorance is bliss.'
Ignorance has all the virtues but one great vice , It makes you a slave .
Knowledge is the only way to freedom .

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life With Kreg
Everyone around you at top of his voice defends the basic human nature of 'screwing up things'. Self - help book writers call it optimism , I call it 'necessary delusion' . The delusion is everywhere . It is the same force that guides us when we look in the mirror ,when we join a gym,when we fall in love ,when we cast our vote. It is the world we pull over ourselves to hide the truth , that life isn't getting any better .Hope it seems is God given drug that we take all our lives .Some take a few pills now and then , some others have it flowing through their veins .
But if you are breathing in and out ,you do have it in you . So pack your bags and get ready for a ride to the promised land . It is the place between birth and death called life .

Monday, February 05, 2007

One of the highly underrated problems of population increase is a lack of names . Most names are derived from religious or mythological background which is fixed corpse , so , although we increase , our repository of names does not . Although Shakespeare did say " what's in a name " but i don't remember him naming any of his characters ' Sir F**kin A**h***'. Names are like chewing gums , once they stick they just won't go off . Unfortunately every damn name seems to come with its liabilities . All of them seem specially designed for one joke or the other . So if you are reading this ,you are not the only one whose name rhymes with *****. You are not the only one who seeks a nameless world . As a person who believes in equality I say , we leave names and use numbers to address people . Next I introduce myself ,i am Mr. 745289 . Bye Ms. 76893.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Waking up
I think i may have cracked the reason most of us find life hard ,melancholic ,demeaning etc etc...... It all has to do with the act of waking up. There could be no worse beginning to one's day then waking up in the morning. It is because of this act, that doom's day seems to be perennial.Waking up involves pain,a lot of swearing , and longing for a time machine(literally) . Your dream world is shattered (again, quite literally) . Your body and mind struggle to find balance and coordination and expect the miracle of night. You eyes struggle to cope with blinding morning rays . Ears are paralysed by the cacophony of the birds and one dashes towards the kitchen to drink a dark , boiling , sour drink to complete the cycle of pain called waking up.