Monday, June 02, 2008

Laughter,anger ,tears the very emotions that make us human are so simply taken hostage by people . In a world i which the line between real and fake becomes narrower and hardly recognizable . You don't understand which moments were yours and which one merely creaked to go into the scrapbook of a cold heartless person so that he could have pretty picture to show to his Grandson's date . Maybe the only thing worse than not having a life is probably having one , just not one of your own. Are we player's of a story scripted by some one else . How heartlessly we write a play for other to play out . Not knowing that someone out of the blue may come and say the joke's on you mate .
It was the Christmas morning my friends came to me and asked if I would like to be part of a little Joke .
A Joke, what kind? I asked .
May be it was the way I was brought up , that it was very difficult for me to pacify the child in me .Gay curious and gullible .
"We have to fool an old of hers", she said.
"He is new in town ."
No harm , in telling who's the boss around here I thought.
"What's the plan ?"
"You throw a party in his honour , you know you are famous around here and all." "He would feel important ."
"You cosy up to and boom at the end you shatter his dreams in a second ? And we have perfect reminder of our little conquest ."
Seems simple enough I thought. The excitement was overwheling me . So much to do , I thought the adrenaline started pumping.
I planned out the party , every single detail .
I knew when the moment of the crash would come and when we shall savour our success.
The party was a success . I came up to the guy.
He was so gullible , I thought .
In seconds he was swooning , all over me. I so good at this I thought and then I asked him to dance . He was not much of a dancer . I tried to teach him .
Oh , poor thing , I should have thought , but in my madness to make headlines in a cold , heartless and stylishly perfect flick of the wrist , I threw a glass of beer on him. I thought I would make headlines and be part of the gossip in the town the next day but not in this manner . The joke was on me . At the end everyone got a story to tell next Christmas except me.

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