Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top five reasons why 'Ignorance is bliss'
You know how many people die everyday . How about Buddhist views on afterlife . You know the president of Peru . How about how many people have been imprisoned for life or given death because their views differed from established order . If you don't ,I am sure you are a happy . Here's why?
1. Look to the person on your left ,look at the person on your right . Now ask yourself - Are they smarter than my dog . In a world where most people are as intelligent as your dog ,do you think they will understand wisdom . If not , why are you trying to be wise . Ignorant people are happy because they can make friends , have better relationships and be admired by people around them.

2.Rank the following in terms of smartness . President Bush , Britney Spears , Your Dog . In a world where success is based upon the kind of hair products you use or how many cities you bomb
it is folly to be wise . Ignorance makes you successful. Front page on New York Times is at stake.

3. Do you know how many weapons are sold everyday . How many people are killed in Gun battles . The no. of nuclear bombs. Any day the president of U.S might want to incinerate the people of developing nations just for fun and nobody will question. You know what could happen if our P.M were to make some bad decisions . Do you think all these people are smarter than your dog . Ignorant people are happy because they don't know how much power other ignorant people have .Ignorance makes you feel safe.
4. We have political freedom in our country Yes! But it is not allowed by constitution to speak ,write etc. against your country . Do you think you would follow all the stupid laws our lawmakers make if you were wiser . Ignorance is bliss because it keeps you ignorant about life in jails .
5. Who won World war2 ,the allies, really? Weren't these guys supporting freedom and democracy . And they used a nuclear bomb to kill civilians even though the war had almost ended. Ignorance is bliss because it helps you to find a right where everything is wrong .It helps you in taking decisions.

If you reached here ,you really need to read the article again. Concentrate on the parts where I say 'Ignorance is bliss.'
Ignorance has all the virtues but one great vice , It makes you a slave .
Knowledge is the only way to freedom .


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