Friday, May 05, 2006

I don't know anything about the sharemarket but still i many a times do enjoy watching business channels. There is something about these shows that attracts me, i consider this habit of mine very similar to moths who voluntarily go towards the light even when they know they are going to die.In my case i think i enjoy the feeling that there are some people who have worse lives than mine.I especially like it when they try to make things sound very important for example
"the sensex plunged by one point" or "sensex reaches new heights as it moves by three points". I also wonder who are the people who watch these kind of showsif they are big business wouldn't they have there own analysts and if they are the small investors(note: these people are those who are losing all the money cause thats what makes them small) then i wonder what kind of advice these people are giving.Well i consider that since i have many hours of experience listening to analysts i consider it my personal duty to advice people on what to buy and what not to buy :
here's my researched(i kept track of market for 2 days) list:
1.Shares of business channels
2.Anything that the analysts on this show recommend except oil.
my recommendation are based on actual resonning
i believe that oil will go up because with the kind of desperation with which they talk about oil i figure that when they are not talking about oil they are buying it.The other people are buying oil cause god forbid if the oil does go up then the people managing these channel will make all the money and use it fund there channels.People do not want to listen 'why we need oil' anymore.
I figure that the other things that these analysts wont work cause if they did why would these people be buying oil all the time.

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