Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Have you ever gone to a wedding where you find that you do not know any of the guests . Well i love those weddings because its a nightmare when you actually know the guests . Obviously you won't know most of the guests that well . Anybody may come up to you and say 'remember me' , even after attending so many marriages i haven't figured a polite answer to this question . That's why in most marriages I shield myself with my parents or my elder brother . If they are not to be found then i run for cover (this includes my younger uncle(chachaji) or cousins who are elder to me ).This way i am able to avoid people who are in some sort of identity crisis and need me to find who they are .Well this is, when you don't recognize them . It's no better if you do . Because if you do then its time for a questionnaire . What are you doing these days ? something in me always wants to say , at the moment trying to avoid a conversation . Length of this conversation is short ( just about a few million years ) . Since most of these questions are standard i have always had an urge to carry a copy of the answers. And hand them out to everyone . Then again i may just ask for thier mailing addresses and keep updating them. In marriages in which you don't know many people you can just sit in the corner and drink juice till the bride's father goes broke . In these you have to get involved 'oh common it's your brother's marriage won't you dance ' most of the time i haven't seen this brother of mine, for years . And if it were not for 'sahra' and all i wouldn't even have been able to recognize the fellow . After reading all this you must be thinking that i must hate weddings ,but that's not so ,i love them .
Because in marriages you find one thing i can easily recognize and it doesn't ask me questions - food . I love the food served in weddings , atleast for that day . The next one belongs to the the doctor. I always wonder , people spend so much on weddings . Why don't they hire a doctor as well. With so many customers he might be able to give concession . Well I think i have explained most of the things you experience in a marriage of a close relative but there is one very important part - The actual ritual . As a family member you have to attend it . Most of the time ,you are trying to find a way to get through this time without seeming detached.This is something i miss about childhood .You can run around , get scolded and then run around again . But now you are supposed to take up a job . Most of the times you have no idea what instructions were given to you but you have to fake comprehension . Thankfully somebody has an idea what is said and tells us what to do in our language . After a few billion years this seemingly unending ritual comes to close . Now is the time for family picture with bride and groom . Well this seems an easy task but its not because somebody somehow finds a way to get lost at this exact moment . Well i can find a needle in a hay stack but finding a person in a gathering that's definately not my cup of tea . But somehow one finds this missing fellow . After a cute picture with the new couple i give them my good wishes . Not because of some sort of love for that relative , but because after so much suffering others go through they have a resposibiity to live happily. At that moment i also pray that god give me the ability to go through the reception...

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