Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Those who talk about retail therapy , definately don't know my brother . Shopping with him is one of the most scarriest experience . Let's give you a preview of what's to come : horrified salesman , shaken fellow customers and me trapped in between trying to figure out ways to come out of all this alive and well , all this to find one harmless, beautiful , comfy cotton shirt .
First thing you will notice while shopping with my brother is the speed with which he walks ,it's like he has a target, fifty people to overtake in first minute , seventy in the next and so on. In fact if he could walk just one km faster ,i am sure he could arrest his age ,according to relativity . He is not one of those who checks out every place while shopping , his destination is locked. After finding the shop he likes ,he makes a big entry and starts scanning the place for pray . Poor salesman (let's call him guineau pig) comes to help him .
What do would like sire?
Do you have THIS (Invariably THIS the only thing that particular store doesn't keep)
Then comes the look that says out loud . WHY DON'T YOU CURL UP AND DIE ,YOU MORON.
Once in a while we do find a store that does have what he needs . Checking those out he proclams, i like this and then asks orange or blue ? i can answer
questions of quantum mechanics and probably even find 'the meaning of life'
but orange or blue ? The solution, does not exist . Well "may be blue" i say hoping i don't offend , any of the fashion solutions my brother has planned
for me . Blue it is ,then .Hooooh, i have passed the test . That much for a lousy shirt.

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s|s said...

well we were in hurry if you remember.