Monday, August 28, 2006


For those who were fed Mickey Mouse in their early years , this line is quite fimiliar, but i am talking of a different pluto here , the one which we formerly knew as the ninth planet from the sun . If i was the same kid who cheered at seeing pluto(Mickey's dog) , i guess i would have been happy at the news ,hey that's one thing less to learn for school . At that age it was hard to beat that . But today i am confused about my feelings to this , much like i am confused about every thing else in the world . If i were to describe life of a planet , like that of a human i guess pluto would have been the most easiest to describe.Like a human, pluto has had its highs , its lows and now the most human trait of them all death. Pluto, trouble i guess started from the day it was named after satan . I mean if i went picking names a satanic name is the last i will prefer . Pluto in roman mythology is God of the underworld who is similar to satan in many respects. In vietnamese its 'yama' the hindu god of Hell . Pluto's name is not the only thing that is 'Hell like' , it is the farthest and the coldest planet of the solar system. Pluto's discovery also coincides with growth of Fascism in Europe .
But when Pluto was giving a bad time to europeans it was tickling the funny bone of the children in the U.S as its name was adopted for the pet dog of Disney's most celebrated character , Mickey . Pluto became famous after its discovery . Born in the industrial age and a time when media was developing it also fueled people's romance with world's beyond . It was used by science fiction writers ,as base of an alien invasion(Have space suit - will travel) or blown up for effect(World of ptavvs). Plutonium was named after pluto and it was included as the ninth planet on the pioneer plaque .
Although Pluto's Planet status had always been debated because of its
Comet like orbit its status came under the scanner after the discovery of kupier belt objects but the fatal blow was the discovery of 2003 UB313 (Xena) which was slighly larger than pluto and on August 24,2006 it was put to rest .
Here lies
1930 - 2006
Discovered by Clide William Tambaugh
Left behind three moons
Charon(the largest),Nix,Hydra

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