Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The time of Darkness arrives
when someone in the east dies .
The cloud shout, the cry of inevitable
and the world hails the stupid man who wrote whatever came in his mind.
I guess if you don't count the last line , i pretty much had booked a seat to a great future. I bet this is what Nose-tra-damn-ass did right . He was able to keep a straight and serious tone till the the last line .
So here is an easy tutorial to your own homemade prophecy .
1.write four wierd lines 2.keep a straight face .
I guess why this simple idea works is that ,what people really want is consent and they will go any length to find one, even if it comes from bearded old french men . I hope you have fun with today's discussion .
Note: This article is not meant for old french men , especially if they could write and are dead.

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s|s said...

I hope you are not looking for a career in writing daily prophecies for some generic newspaper. If you are atleast look for one which pays a lot. Read your 'Lottery ticket' entry for why