Wednesday, October 04, 2006

7345289 , is this no. just gibbrish , or has my mind been suddenly taken over by an alien race . I would only know for sure if i suddenly don't go missing tommorow. It could even be a coded message from God on when i would need to pee next. This uncertainity about random no.s is intriguing . They somehow seem to start making sense ,just like rock songs or teen age movies start to make sense after sometime.For example , this no only has 1 and 6 missing . Does that mean that i am suddenly gonna end up with one tail and six horns tommorow or is it gonna be other way around . Gaah... i need to know . Hoping that this is not the no of times i will get beaten up by people for writing this article , i end this random play of words.

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s|s said...

it might be number of hits gone missing because of this article :)