Monday, February 05, 2007

One of the highly underrated problems of population increase is a lack of names . Most names are derived from religious or mythological background which is fixed corpse , so , although we increase , our repository of names does not . Although Shakespeare did say " what's in a name " but i don't remember him naming any of his characters ' Sir F**kin A**h***'. Names are like chewing gums , once they stick they just won't go off . Unfortunately every damn name seems to come with its liabilities . All of them seem specially designed for one joke or the other . So if you are reading this ,you are not the only one whose name rhymes with *****. You are not the only one who seeks a nameless world . As a person who believes in equality I say , we leave names and use numbers to address people . Next I introduce myself ,i am Mr. 745289 . Bye Ms. 76893.


s|s said...

Name instead of number. Hmm. Then we will all listen to Bach every day 1 hour. We will all be doing Maths. And only painting that will circulate with M C Echers.

Interesting World :)

tejbir said...

You could lead to another rivalry on whose name (number) is greater!
I have no problem with the naming as such but my query is little different...why are names also divided on religious/cultural lines? Why don't we ever come across a name like Narasimha Singh Arora, or Daljeet Reddy, or Imran Sharma or Ram Mohammad etc etc?