Monday, October 23, 2006

Waking up
I think i may have cracked the reason most of us find life hard ,melancholic ,demeaning etc etc...... It all has to do with the act of waking up. There could be no worse beginning to one's day then waking up in the morning. It is because of this act, that doom's day seems to be perennial.Waking up involves pain,a lot of swearing , and longing for a time machine(literally) . Your dream world is shattered (again, quite literally) . Your body and mind struggle to find balance and coordination and expect the miracle of night. You eyes struggle to cope with blinding morning rays . Ears are paralysed by the cacophony of the birds and one dashes towards the kitchen to drink a dark , boiling , sour drink to complete the cycle of pain called waking up.

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sameer said...

It is as painful as being born. The night is as comfortable as death. The coffee is life.