Friday, August 04, 2006

I was just reading Anton chekhov's lottery ticket and suddenly it hit me that why is it that all the people who ever win a lottery always turn bad . I haven't as yet read or heard a story in which somebody won a lottery ticket and used the money "for the upliftment of the poor" . I mean we always say that good things always happen to good people , is winning a lottery not a good thing . Is it good to live in poverty while it is bad to enjoy good food , music etc . Well I must say that this contradiction definately makes following the right path a wee bit more difficult.I mean when given a choice between a few million dollors and living in a one room aparment while hoping that heaven exists, I am a bit tempted towards the first . Don't get me wrong , I am a good person somewhere deep down but I would like to ride in a limo one day , wouldn't mind a royce but will adjust . It seems from most of the description of wealth that it is something satanic and evil but flying first class to Europe every week doesn't seem too evil to me . I mean let's face it wealth doesn't seem to be too bad an evil.Hoping that next time lottery prizes are announced i am the one who get's the chance to turn evil i sign off.

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