Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I have a handicap , it is that i am hopelessly hooked to this world , i have a mental picture of all the aspects of our world and i cannot belive something that's unusual .Infact this obsession with reality has gotten to the point that i have to undergo therapy whenever India win's a cricket match or Bush doesn't screw up his day . But you would wonder what kind of problems can i face due to this handicap . Well, it makes it impossible for me to read and watch fantacy books and films . Yes just when Harry gets good at flying on that broomstick , something snaps in me,(hey that's impossible) and (boom) he falls down , amazingly these snippets of imagination are incredibly vivid . Imagine Danielle Redcliffe with 31 bones and 14 teeth less than usual and you will get the idea of grossness of the situation . I don't know what caused this situation ,but i guess one of the reasons could be that nobody ever read me Peter pan or Superman . So, in childhood when most children were busy saving the world from multicoloured Satans with wierd fashion sense and 30 billion contusions on their face i was looking for ways to pay for a one room apartment with no electricity and water . I just can't leave reality . I am one
of those 'hopelessly hooked to the system ' kind of people who have lost their sunglasses for eternity and thus can never be unplugged . What i am worried about is not that i am not able to watch some stupid film , but what if one of these stories turned out to be true . What if an alien lands in my backyard and says "Nanu!Nanu" what will i do then ,my guess is that i will probably stone him.I really am not one of those intergalactic brawl people .
Come to think of it who was the guy i was stoning last night . I hope i snap out of this problem before i accidently start an intergalactic war or the release of next Harry Potter Movie which ever is first.

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