Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well everybody has a story to tell when it comes to thier Dad's cooking , I am no different . This experience is good for some while bad for others . In my case its a mix of both . Now, my dad is not a great cook but he is not too bad either but , there is more to men's cooking than just good and bad. When women cook ,especially i can tell you about my mom ,they take care of everybody's taste but for men their is only one person they wish to satisfy - themselves . That is true for my dad too so ,his food is usually loaded with salt and spices . He overdoes every ingredient . I don't dislike spicy food but unlike my dad there is a limit to the amount of garam masala and red chilli i can handle in one meal . Although my mom tries to keep the flow of masalas into check , but it's to no avail . More father gets excited about the meal ,more I try
to get mom into the sceam of things , So she can salvage whatever is left . After few minutes of defiance my mother gives into my dads whims and we end up eating a meal coming out of my dad's ACME kitchen . Thankfully , my dad only cook's on holidays and we usually have more options like Dahi , pickle etc kind of acting like a buffer . After a bit of struggle we find the right combination of dad's creation and 'buffer' that is palpable . Kind of makes me wonder about 'where there is a will there is a way ' . At the end of the meal I pray that Dad somehow get's over his love for too much spices . Next on the menu ' My brother , cook that never was ' bye .

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diabolic preacher said...

hey me gets the ditto experience at home when mom is out on vacation or something...even my dad is way too obsessed with the spicyness of his meals :D
but sometimes he comes up with really tasty and palatable dishes.