Sunday, October 08, 2006

TOO hot, TOO cold , oh, this October heat, damn , Delhi is the worst place to live in , aaahhhhh!!!!!, that was what was missing ,the electricity is gone . Every morning my sleep deficient eyes and my grunting body ask the same question , How do i set the temperature on my thermostat. It's not that i don't know how to use the panel of my Air Conditioner , I am talking about "Why the heck ,the difference between the temperature in Sahara and Himalayas is one degree". How is it that you are sweating at 25 and shivering at 24.I hope somebody has an answer to this question . Till than, i guess i will have to rely on my lectures for sleep.

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s|s said...

friend in need is friend indeed
but friend with weed is better....

So find someone with weed. See how perfect your world would be, after that. Remember, there is no spoon and as a corollary there is no sun/electricity/Air Conditionar/remote.

Sleep Now!